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Bevel King® spa windows are 46" x 46" and suitable for the standard 48" x 48" spa window opening. These beautiful designs are crafted using a wide variety of clear textures. The LG 75 and LG 85 are triple glazed offering enhanced energy efficiency. The inboard and outboard glass lites are tempered for safety. Available in black patina caming.

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  • Select from 3 beautiful Victorian styles!
  • 8/0 3/4 Lite & 6/8 Full Lite doors available.

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Our Revolution In Restoration Window Glass Has Begun!
ReNova Authentic Restoration Window Glass Flyer
  • Produced in Germany by SCHOTT exclusively for Hollander Glass and Bevel King Door and Glass Company
  • Captures the true old world look of blown window glass


TDL glass inserts
Cordoba Grill beauty shot

The old world look is in, and what better way to achieve that look than to compliment the beauty of mahogany type doors and old world glass with original wrought iron grills.

Our grills are solid, not tubular like you might get from other manufacturers. Ours are solid ½” bar and heavy wrought or cast iron scroll work and accents. We fabricate these grills in the Atlanta area and are proud to offer them finished in durable powder-coat flat black paint.

The door grills are hinged to match the swing of the door. This allows you to open the grills when it comes time to clean the glass. Wow, does this make it easier!

The images below give you an idea what the grill designs might look like on different door configurations. There are many mix and match possibilities, so please click on an image below to get a closer look at what is available.

NOTE: Our wrought iron units are individually handmade to order. There may be slight variations in the finished product compared to what is pictured because depending on the size and shape of the unit, certain components may need to change or be modified.

These beautiful units are available in the following configurations and sizes**:

Doors   2'6" x 6'8", 2'8" x 6'8", and 3'0" x 6'8"   Transoms   Half-Round - 64½", 68½", and 74" widths
Elliptical - 64½", 68½", and 74" widths
Rectangular - 63", 67", and 72½" widths
Sidelites   12" x 6'8" and 14" x 6'8"   Glass Options   Clear Insulated Glass, 1½" Beveled Clear Glass, Rain IG, Flemish IG, Winterlake IG, German Antique IG
**For other configurations or custom sizes, please ask your sales consultant for a fast quote.
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Cordoba Grill & German Antique Glass 6068 56 double door unit Cordoba Grill & Flemish Glass 6068 67 double door unit
Cordoba Grill & German Antique Glass Cordoba Grill & Flemish Glass
6068 3/4 GNA
(6'0" x 6'8")
$3079 6068 FL Flemish
(6'0" x 6'8")
5068 3/4 GNA
(5'0" x 6'8")
$3079 5068 FL Flemish
(5'0" x 6'8")
Cordoba Grill & Rain Glass 5080 saeo arched double door unit Cordoba Grill & Winterlake Glass 6080 double door unit
Cordoba Grill & Rain Glass Cordoba Grill & Winterlake Glass
5080 SAEO Rain
(5'0" x 8'0")
$4393 6080 3/4 Winterlake
(6'0" x 8'0") pictured
6080 SAEO Rain
(6'0" x 8'0")
$4393 5080 3/4 Winterlake
(5'0" x 8'0")
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